Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Precious Time

Today while I wash my cloths, suddenly think of how I spent most of my time in a day, week, year?
Always heard people said time is gold, time is money, time is something that money cannot buy. So, why I still cant see any gold and money although I have been living for the 21+ years?

so, start thinking what's wrong with my time while busy washing my cloths there..When primary time, most of my time spend with my neighborhood and off course family.My house is located at corner lot. Before renovate, there's a garden. Usually all my neighborhood friends like to come and find my sister and me play outdoor games. Almost everyday, we played till all the mosquitoes fly out then only we back home bath and eat. It was so much fun because there's a big group of us around our age there. That's very nice moment for me. Or I can said, that's the moment I cant buy. That the moment that I get which I cant buy. Now, they all shifted to other places. Left only my family in the whole terrace house.I wont regret to spend this few years time with them.

Then when come to secondary time, I spend most of time in my secondary school. Even the november and december holiday, I went to school everyday for my St.John Ambulance competition. I was the leader of my team. We are so enjoy to spend our holiday every year together though the training is tough some times. We make miracle happened by bringing the victory back to our School. I never thought I could reach to National level! Really amazing time in secondary. Alot things happened in secondary that make my life become very colorful and I'm very proud of everything!This is the great moment that I never regret to live with.

For now, what am I still doing with the time? Hang out with friends and what? Well, some of my friends choose to start work instead of continue to study. Their time is used to earn money and enjoy with friends. Some of my friends spend their time by complaining everything. Though they own a very good living, but they still complaining.. lol.. maybe they just too free. Some of my friends busy looking for place to travel. Some of my friends keep studying so that they get score well in their exam. Some of them ...

well, how should i spend my precious time? how can I use it without any regret? by listen music, watch drama, msn, work part time, play flyff, pak tor? haha.. well.. almost the moment i almost finish washing my cloths, suddenly i recall my siblings and my family. How nice is my family while i'm small that time. everyone stay at home. most of them studying and everyday back home. Home usually full of family members. But now? haha... everything changes already. Changes too fast till i cant accept it. I want my parents get healthy and bring us travel around like we used to be. But now? my mum always complain tired. Even ask her go shopping aso susah. my sisters? before my elder sister get married,and before my 2nd sister pak tor and work, she still have time go shopping with me n bring me gai gai. But now? both JJ keep bother my sister and my sis have to work most of the time. My 2nd sister always go pak tor and work now. Time is getting lesser and lesser for me with them. Only left weekend of every week. But that's doesnt mean both saturday and sunday i can mix with them. saturday and sunday is the only two days for the worker rest. They also wish to spend with their loves one, me?? haha.. though rare chance, but still, i always make myself available so that they can date me in case they are free. I really love to hand out with my sisters. My elder brother, he choose to use his time for money. He choose to leave this family and earn alot money. Yes, he achieve it, but, so what? haha.. he lost something that he will never can get it. the time with his own parents and siblings. or maybe he don't appreciate these? my 2nd brother? used to very very sayang me. and everytime when i back from my hostel, he always treat me eat and watch movie. But now? he convert himself to christian. No more outing with him.

        I decided to use my time for my family and friends the most.I don't know time will change what in my life anymore. But for sure, when I graduated from University, I will need to go work and only left weekend time. by that time, the chances to hang out with my family will getting more rare. Maybe I cant keep the moment, but i will appreciate the time i have with them. Maybe my time is not gold, but it's is something that I will never able to buy.

Thanks god.I love my family.


  1. i know... u spent 23 hrs per day on flyff

  2. hahahahhaa... good suggestion arr.. i can save money in 23 hours.. wakaka