Friday, December 23, 2011

Saloma Restaurant International Buffet

Last month went to Saloma Restaurant located right beside Zouk Club.
Went there to have buffet.
This buffet is a little special because this place is actually mainly for tourist. Because during the dinner buffet, they will have a lot live performance on the stage. A lot culture dances: Malay, Chinese, India and some bumiputera. For Malay dance, there are many types because they have different culture from different states. I must say, I really enjoy all the performance. All so nice.

However, I felt that the food is just ok for me. Nothing special except for the kebab. We can choose to put any ingredient in our kebab which I like very much. It's like a Taco.. hehe..

Though it's an international buffet, but I found that Asean food is more than western food. Eat till very very full here.. Enjoyable. However, if you ask if I will come again, I say no. hehehe.. The price is suitable for foreigner, not for us. But if you like culture dance, you should come!

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