Wednesday, May 26, 2010

middle of the night

It's 3am+..
however I still feel something is missing there and I wish to find it out before I sleep

I feel like nowadays I getting lesser friends to talk.
Sometimes I have to tell lies
Sometimes I have to put a mask
I really wish that I can find somebody to talk to.especially those who really understand what I felt and know how to amend the missing pieces in my life.

But,the fact is always that cruel

On the other hand, I really appreciate what I have own now especially being a princess for my parents n god mum.

Aw..I dunno what am I talking.. Why I could never able to tell them my true feeling?I afraid they will get bored? Afraid it spoilt our relationship? Afraid they will scold us in return? Afraid get hurt? Self protective?

I'm really hate this feeling..why why why..............

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