Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Perak Trip(2nd week after exam)

Time really fly when I having a great trip in Perak with my coursemates.

Things that I don't want to forget
1)Chee Cheong Fun at Teluk Intan(Liew Gei store)
 -I'm not exaggrating. But it really taste very nice. Too bad, we cant find any in Selangor

2)Sungkai hot spring and water slide
-the moment we play the water slide is fun, and we just play like a kids. Snapping pretty photos, bully li hong as her height not very tall and she having difficulty to swim to the deep side.

-a new nickname created for wan thing - CHEK KIOK DAI SIN... because she walk around without slipper at the hot spring area.

3)Zui Wo steamboat
- I thought it will be a normal steamboat. After taste it, you will have different thought. It is situated at a kampung place. Can feel they didnt use much MSG and the soup is black colour. The soup taste like herbal soup or bak kut teh.. really very very nice! everything is very fresh. with rm80, all of us eat till bloated

4)Every night time before bed
-at yanny home, we all cant fall asleep because too pack and we keep fight for the blanket. sook lin sleep alone on d floor wif mattress, but she cant sleep well coz her blanket too thin..
-at li hong house.. alot fighting btw us, especially me n sook lin. " when i grab the blanket from her, she grab it back from me. so, i move to her side so that get closer to her and i can get covered. since she sleep beside d wall, so she actually is terhempit btw me and the wall.." this is happened while we "half sleeping" because we couldnt sleep well... the next day we keep yawning while others sleep very well
-Besides that, sook lin and me vs wan thing. we keep fight for boaster and blanket.the scene is very funny coz we keep make some funny sound and called wan thing nick name "chek kiok~~"
-most funny is, one night we all feel very itchy especially our leg, so we ask wan thing giv us her "she fen"(a powder in white colour). and the scene is so dam funny because sook lin,me,yanny sit surrounding this chek kiok and wait she give us.. is like we get some 圣粉 from god. hahaha.. and she keep shoot us her leg with the quote from d old hk drama.. "我赐你最高荣誉,轻吻我的脚"... hahaha... n then sometimes she will just shoot her leg to us.. the scene is the most funny
-fool li hong to come post mortem

5)Ipoh food
-dim sum which cost only rm13+ that can let me eat till very full, then keep continue eat other famous food.. such as the "tan shao xiang bing","yi bou nga choi gai","hor fun", and so on.. eat till super dam full!!

6)ipoh cave
- i guess we have visited all d cave that's available in ipod.
- one of the cave, there's alot dogs following me and sook lin.. those dogs look like our leng n following us.. hehe
- keep praying for my mum's health.. but it seems helpless.. :(

7) Paddy field
- really like a big sea, but with green colour. the green colour make me feel very fresh there. really very nice. love the scene..too bad cant see any scacrow

8) Lumut & Sitiwan
- manage to eat sitiawan special biscuit. not quite nice when it is colded
-photo shooting there is funny. keep snap those jumping photo. li hong keep appoint me as director. but im out of idea.. hehehe.. we very good mo qi in jumping and the photographer very good moqi wif us aso.. capture alot success photo

9) Taking KTM
- sit for 3 hours for this keretapi tanah melayu.. quite comfortable.
- when going to perak, read a chinese novel.. funny novel, first time like to read a chinese novel.
- when going back from perak, fall asleep.. really tiring the whole trip coz everynight cant sleep well due to those war...

10) sitting car
-sitting yanny car always make me feel like 1 2 grab the car key from her and i drive, cause she drive very slow...better shut my mouth in front of her, else my life could be dangerous.. hehehe
- li hong drive vios ler.. so geng~~ small small ppl drive big big car~.. cute~

11) Yao Che Hor
- li hong bring us go around teluk intan.. haha.. the teluk intant really big.. much bigger than kajang.. and the houses also very new design.. got many rich kia stay at this place lo! but aso got many "guai tan" house.. dahsyat~~ hahahhaha
- my coursemate keep laugh me when i say the house look like guai tan... keke..
- snap with the menara condong

friday back home.. saturday work my part time promoter.. tiring~

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