Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Joey's 6th Birthday

Joey turn 6th on 21 of August. She's a very very naughty and stubborn girl, always make us angry, but still she is our beloved family member.

She also my dad's favourite. So my dad decide to treat all of us a meal on 21 August at Xi Lai Deng, Sg Chua Kajang Restaurant.

That day morning, Eric and I went to Jusco Cheras Selatan and try to find some gift for her. Finally we manage to get her a Hello Kitty pillow, a dress and a shirt after few hours shopping there.

My second sister bought her a supergirl black coat from Superman shop at Pavilion Expensive but nice!! 

1st meal off couse is sharkfin soup. 

2nd dishes of chinese cuisine usually is this kind

Herbal Chicken

Fried Prawn and Tuna Prawn

Joey's cake . The sheep is very cute!
Didn't manage capture all the meals cause keep focusing on eating and chatting. At the restaurant, Jonathan and Joey manage to make a new friend who name is Daniel. This kid is pretty impressing as he never afraid to join us celebrate Joey's Birthday. He is only 7 years old though. They start mixing around when Jonathan saw he playing Bumblebee toys. Haha.. Quite handsome!

Birthday girl with the present Eric and I bought for her

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