Friday, August 19, 2011

Pavilion Japan Tokyo Street + Sushi Tei + Putrajaya Pullman River Resort

Hmm.. Friday I thought I was going to spend my whole day in "Island Empire", who know Eric whatsapp me and told me that he is on leave. So, he decide to bring me go Pavilion to buy Ochado and the Japan Crisp. This is because the weather is so hot and I love Ochado and the Japan Crisp. Too bad those only available at Pavilion. Sound a bit insane, driving all the way to Pavilion from Kajang just to eat and drink these.

Last time we order egg pop milk tea at Ochado and the taste is sooo nice! The bubble tea mix with these egg pops, really nice when chew togather. But this time, we tried others. I forgot what's the name, something like roasted red beans mix with pearl. Tasty~ but I still prefer egg pop milk tea

Then we order peach flavour Japan crisp. Last time we tried mango flavour. And I think Mango flavour much more tastier than this peach.
Peach Flavour Japan Crisp
The eating method of this dessert very special, the paper wrapped on it can be tear level by level so that you can eat in more convenient way.

Then, we decide to have our dinner there before leaving. We didn't go Dragon-I signature, we went to Sushi Tei instead cause I missed their cheese bake misomayo hotate ( I have reviewed it at my previous post before)

New sushi
The sushi above is very very tasty. It's new from the menu. On top of the sushi is cheese baked. The taste is much more awesome than the rest! First bite already caught me!

Soft shell Crab and California Handroll
Ok, I never deny that their handroll is much tastier than the Sushi King. That's because their seaweed is much fresh than Sushi King and off course their ingredient is better. I love the other handroll of Sushi Tei, can't recall the name, but that one is super nice! You can feel the fish is just grilled and freshly served on your table.

avocado with ikura
Again I forgot what is this sushi name. This is the sushi that I always craving of. Why? cause I like ikura. Much bigger fish egg and much tastier when it pop in your mouth. It is served it avocado. I like their avocado. ^^

Cheesed baked on grilled salmon
Erm, i'm not a salmon fans. This is just comme ci comme ca to me only. Salmon is not raw as it is grilled. On top of it is cheese and mayonese if not mistaken. served with lemon.

Last but not least is the Misomayo Hotate!!! My favourite! HOHOHO~~
Misomayo Hotate
Ok, After finish then we went to Putrajaya. We found a new place which was told by my friend Hooi Chie. That place has a very beautiful scenery and cooling air. It's near the Pullman Resort. It's a Jeti. That place is really peaceful and nice. Night view scenery is amazing from there, I guess next time I will come here more often. ^^ Below are few pictures from my Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. Not much clear though.

 C'est La Vie~ Looking for more before my final semester starts~ >.<

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