Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Australia trip

my 19 days Australia trip(Melbourne-->Sydney-->Canberra-->Melbourne) sadly come to an end.
it's very sad for me till my tears drops when nobody notice me. why?
Too many reason for it
because the trip is fun. why is it fun?
hmm.. too much things to be mentioned. let me highlight some
- First, I was treated like a VIP when I arrive in Melbourne. I was very tired when I landed there, but Bryan come and pick me up from airport and treat me eat their Mcdonald. I ordered Grand Agnus which didn't sell in Malaysia. Very big burger that i hardly can fit my mouth in.
- I love walking around the well planned Melbourne City. Maybe it's winter, that's why i dun feel very tired walking on the street. I like winter. Though it's cold, but I'm ok with it as Bryan's apartment has good heater
- Taste a lot tasty good. Ppl in there seldom take breakfast. They took brunch instead. Most of the time, we eat the meal from price range AUD10-20. I guess I never tried this in my entire life. I should thanks to Bryan and Sek Cheng who treat me alot. *pai seh me*
- I love their burger cause they put alot thing in it. Their burger is very big size all the time. Not only burger, most of the meal also very big portion. I cant's finish all in each meal during this 19 days trip. Very big portion. Eat alot korean(alot korean food), Grilled burger(favourite!aud10+ for one burger), Strawberry chocolate dip(Max brenner), Carbonara spaghetti(Sofia, very big portion, i think need 4 ppl to finish it, i didnt manage to finish half plate), Pan Cake(very tasty pan cake. famous in sydney), DIM SUM(originated HK, very big if compare to Malaysia. their prawn are fresh n big!), alot chocolate coffee shop(Max Brenner, Lyndt, San Churro, Cocoa Black, those are expensive coffee shop. a small drinks cost about aud10+, not only drinks, they are famous for the chocolate cake n other chocolate thingy), Mamak(expensive as their roti canai normal sell aud5. lol), Hurricane(famous for pork rib, something special that i never taste b4, cost aud36 for half rib), Fish Market( very very fresh oyster and salmon. i never eat salmon n oyster, but in here, i able to swallow it. very very fresh) and alot alot nice food
- Took some old photo which cost aud30 for each of us. memorable
- Sand boarding. We were brought to a place like dessert(look exactly like a dessert, but luckily is winter, else will be very hot i guess), then we sit on the board and sweep down on a very steep place.
- first time see sydney opera house in real life
- first time play PS3 with lots of game
- first time play Macbook. belongs to Bryan which cost rm10k+
- first time tried Bose speaker(amazing! i wish i own it.. T.T)
- first time play iPad
- first time drink whisky. this whiskey is nice, Marvin mix Jack Daniel whisky with coke.
- first time drink vodka.
- first time use Leica camera.
- first time watch 3D(toy story3, cost aud13+ with 3D glasses(aud1))
- first time see koala, kangaroo, penguin. Kangaroo is most funniest part. lazy to mentioned it, but i guess i will never forget it. haha..
- first time shopping for so many branded stuff. seriously i never enter Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Nine West shop. But when I went to DFO in Melbourne, I just happened to be walk in to the shop and bought a polo T branded tommy hilfiger for mum, a Guess T-shirt for sis, a Guess shirt for bro, a nine west shoes for my sis, a big coat for the whole family, JayJay jeans for myself, boot from Cotton On, Pumpkin Patch for Joey and Jonathan, and some others. i think the total cost me about rm1k+ for all these. worth! i never thought i will be so kind, but i feel very happy when i imagine how happy is my family member received these. besides, i think they deserved a better gift from australia as they have no chance to come here, they should get better reward and i got mine(for visiting this amazing country). I bought a esprit denim jeans for myself too. hehe..

there are really memorable stuff there for me. i really wish i can back there as the people there are really lovely and civilized. Besides, I like to take this opportunity to thanks Bryan, Sek Cheng, Marvin,Tze Hao, Vee Wen, Han Zhong and his GF for guiding us to have this amazing trip.

well.. life in there is like a heaven for me. no worried and always enjoy and eat nice food. always go yum cha at those high class place. though i dun enjoy their chocolate drinks, but i really enjoy the atmosphere. i really wish i can be like that always. but sad to know that, i still have to back malaysia and start study and live like in a prison again. :(

somehow, i feel like sek cheng and bryan are my fairy god who make my dreams come true. haha.. thanks alot..i really appreciated everything there.

to see the photos,!/album.php?aid=180222&id=541107285
i didnt upload all..

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