Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My australia trip going to end

This 19 days Australia trip is really nice n memorable for me.. I really wanted to thanks to all my friends who guide me in this trip. This including, seek change, Bryan, Marvin, vee wen, tze Hao, Han thong and his gf.

Currently I'm in one of the Melbourne city apartment owned by Bryan kong located at Franklin street, and using his iPad to blog. Haha...

This trip is the most memorable trip I ever had. Tonight I almost cry out because I think of " omg... This is the last night I walk in Melbourne street with them.. Or maybe is my last time to step my feet in Australia..." how memorable are they for me...

I really sad now lo... Aih... Guess have to drunk bait tonight... Thanks god for giving me the chance to have fun here.

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