Sunday, July 18, 2010

First College

It's has been already one week since semester started. I'm still in my holiday mood tho.
Well, I'm no longer stay in second college and transferred to first college.

I feel not that good to stay at first college on the first day considering that I'm staying alone in first college among my course+batch mate and i need to walk a long distance to faculty. off course i always hope someone could offer the help to fetch me when they pass by my college, but, i guess i'm just too bad to get helped. Moreover, walking on the street will take in alot bad air. >.<.. i dun1 get lung cancer!!

So.. still missing sek cheng and bryan alot as they really nice to me during the trip. Treat me alot and always be so kind to each other. I wish they are studying in UM too so that I can find them out alot. haha..

well.. first college. it's weird for me as their meal time is different.
breakfast: 7-8.15am
lunch: 12-1.30pm
dinner: 6-7.15pm
but luckily their meal is nice. i guess is because i feel happy to eat at there. why happy? haha.. well, 2nd college mak cik are suck and itchy. screw them! always show a bitter face to us even we said thank you to them. and they are very sombong! wth! when u ask her tambah sayur, they give u 1 or 2 piece. how "generous" are they! in first college, mak cik here is very friendly and kind. when i said thank you, they will reply me welcome. when i ask them tambah sayur, they willingly to tambah one scoop for me. when they give me a small(not very small) size chicken, they will automatically grab another one more piece for me. unlike 2nd college mak cik.. stingy and ego. gth! 2nd college mak cik only offer more portion to those guys who bodek them

the room here is more comfortable though 3 person in one room. the only thing i wanted to complain is that my room is at the highest floor and my block is at the highest place in this hostel.. so.. i guess one day, i will walk about 500 staircases excluding my faculty staircases.  the design of the fan in this room is much more better. unlike second college. small and useless.

well, not much complain, only thing is about the location, other is ok for me.

my new roommates. one is 3rd year law, and another is final year pharmacy. both of them should be very busy all the time.hehe.. i cant recognize much ppl here as i dun have much common with them. i only meet them during meal time. so, it's a little hard for me to memorize their name. hope they wont mind. :)

ok la.. i guess that's all. wish i can get thinner during this semester. XD

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