Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Recently I have spent alot but not for shopping. For things like girl stuff again and renew passport. Spent atleast RM 700 (exclude rental and my daily meals).

Feel so bad that no one could understand my feeling. For few times, my tears almost drop because I couldn't do anything to fix it. I have no income. I don't get money from my mum anymore since I have scholarship.

And now, after spending that much, I don't know how to get more input for myself except to get money from my mother. However, I feel ashame to ask money from her again. So, I didn't ask her for money and keep thinking how to pay my sisters' debt.

Now, I don't even dare to go out with friends for supper or dinner or any entertainment (movie, sing k, etc) because I really run out of money now. Next year, I will still need few thousand to prepare for my trip.

Sigh.. Money never get enough to be used and I'm so lazy to go out work as well. I could only live in sobber now.

Stress, tension, despair, unpleasant and laziness live in me now. 
Duh.. wish to buy new things to cheer myself again.


  1. this is more like cari pasal...
    people should spend based on their input

  2. aih.. maybe that's y i will never get rich.

  3. sorta agreed v chimin. LOL.
    bt u shud hapi in a way dat u spent on ur gal stuffs. cz u stil spent it on urself wat..not kena curi or wat..haha.touch wood!
    so be contented abt it. haha. life dun mean to get rich to live hapi. I learn to want things less and appreciate more quality time v frens. no more want this want dat lo! cz i knw where i stand.haha..cheers la~~~ enjoy last year v frens ba!

  4. btw, i believe ur siblings sayng u lo~ slowly lai ba. i oso owe my brother money!! dun stress. do ur work and be a gud student 1st.
    EH..happy anniversary hor <3 haha!