Sunday, November 6, 2011

锦选香港特极点心 Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong DIM SUM

Recently we found a place to eat some real good dim sum. Heard Eric said, this restaurant is rank top 5 in Malaysia. We try their Damansara Jaya outlet and their very first outlet which is at Kuchai Lama.

So far, we have dine in for 3 times there. I think we will still continue visit them i future because their dim sum is really fresh and delicious. That day Eric went there early morning with family, 11am, and they need to take number to wait for 1 or 2 hours. I guess this Restaurant really famous around the neighbourhood

Tasty Lo-mai-kai RM4.50
 This lo mai kai is nice. You can try it.
Siu-Mai RM4
 This awesome siu-mai. I decide that everytime when dine in, both of us must order two unit because tak cukup makan! Too tasty! I like to chew the prawn in there because it's very springy and tasty! very fresh! It become fantastic when eat with their black sauces(sweet)
Bamboo Fungus Shrimp Dumpling RM4.50
 This is not bad also. Eric quite love it.
Steamed Beancurd RM4
 This is normal for me.
Har Gaw RM4.50
 Dim sum must eat har gaw siu mai. I found that both also very nice in this shop. Har Gaw skin wont be too thick and easy to eat.
Steamed fish balls RM4
 Very fresh and Qing Tian.
Sharkfin Dumpling RM4
 I found this quite normal if compare with siu mai. But Eric said nice.

Fried Yam Pastry RM4
 I'm not quite a fans of yam. Eric love it.
Fried Salad Shrimp RM4.50
 This is very very nice also! must try. It's not crispy type fried, but very nice to chew. And off course, the taste also nice!
Golden BUn (Liu Sha Bao) RM3.60
 Many dim sum shop also have liu sha bao. But theirs liu sha bao very tasty.
Mixed rice roll RM4.50
 This chee cheong fun is normal, but i like to eat the vege instead. haha.. Their vege quite nice, like those in big restaurant.

Crystal Shrimp Dumpling
 Look like har gaw, but it's not har gaw. Because what it taste already. haha
Scallop shrimp dumpling RM4.50
 A lot tastier than the Dragon - i  located at SS2 (in my previous post).

Sticky Rice Lotus Leaf RM4

 There are few I want to try but always sold out. Hope in my next visit, I can eat those! If you like to know more about this Restaurant, you can google it, I guess they have alot review from food blogger. Also, you may login to their website at

Thanks Eric for introducing me this awesome dim sup restaurant! ^^

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