Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weisbbrau @ Pavilion Relaxzz

Busy busy busy life. I always wonder how can our senior finish their final year senang senang there while I'm still stress out with all the assignment, mid sem test and thesis?

Maybe I'm too lazy and always watch drama and movie. Feel like my final year life is boring because my hobby is sleep? XD So not youthful! And my mind keep stress out all the time because things keep happened in a bad way and so difficult for me to voice out. 

I miss the time hanging out with my fellow Kajang friends and University friend but it seems like just hardly get a time to enjoy with them. My mind full with thesis and assignment. So helpless.

So, decide to go out at a random decision. Knowing that the only transport that I have in PJ is called Eric. Hahaha... so I ask him out to Pavilion. Plan to watch movie but the movies are mostly selling fast status. So decide to go shopping. 

So I bought some lingerie at La Senza and apply for their membership. Then we went to have dinner at Weisbbrau - a German Bistro & Bar.

Spaetzli with Cheese Topping
I ordered a German Spaetzli with Cheese Topping. It's my first time to have German cuisine. This Spaetzli is some kind of german noodle and it look like a scramble egg. I like it very much!

And Eric order BBQ Pork Neck with Garlic Mash and Daily Vege.
It's better than mine! The pork taste sweet and delicious and the mash potato is very nice too.

I was planning to get a glass of alcohol drinks too. But from previous experience, I guess I just have to order some smoothie while he order a pint of Hoegarden. argh.. 
BBQ Pork Neck
After few hours of fairy tale, then back to reality and continue my work. Thank you Eric for giving a beautiful night out. :)

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