Sunday, November 22, 2009

House without parents

Holiday? is my holiday started?
right after my exam over, my parents went to travel for about a week time..
since my 2nd sis and i having holiday, we need to do house chores
so.. i was thinking tat it wont b a problem since my 2nd sis can help me
who noe!
everything juz f-ing difference
wtf wtf wtf wtf
nobody want to take k of this house
all only care for their own entertainment
where's mine?
i don;t have to play 1 arr
u all suka suka go main sendiri
no need take k me edi la
dam it
stopping telling how much u love this house n family
because u just a big liar!
fuck u!


  1. lol... so many f
    later u ask ur parents give some rewards to u on ur hardwork lar XD

  2. will definitely pour out all my complaints to them! wakakkakaka.. it's my merdeka day!