Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Deserved it

when back home
i told my sis
i very down because i didnt do well for my exam paper

n she told me
"you deserved it"
though it's difficult for me to digest it
she's right

somebody get me out from the deep valley please


  1. me more cham, i did read the thing;
    and was confidence yest and this morning
    then jux now in the exam
    sigh, dunno how to do
    22marks gone

  2. aih.. i aso have some problem like tat
    i hafal all d formula n confidence will do tat question, but i dunno d formula name is Rankine.. and when the question ask me calculate Rankine, i didnt what is that.. until exam over, i only noe.. SWT! i noe how to do 1 ler! wtf luck really doesnt side me at all