Friday, November 27, 2009

SkyTrex Adventure - Extreme Challenge

today went to this skytrex adventure located at shah alam taman pertanian wif my bro and his church friend
there are 23 of us going for this adventure
at 1st i thought it's quite simple as i went to national service n play those kind of flying fox thingy

who noe..
lol.. i was shock and start nervouse when i c d real stunt there..
1stly there's a pretty "extreme gal" has a small training wif us, teach us d rules n method change d pulley and carabiner. during training, it's easy because we train at some place tat not very high.
when come to real challenge, i start sweating
the height is terrible..(since i have height phobia, n i not quite sure how tall is it, mayb u can search the info by google-ing "skytrex")
n one thing different from national service is,
when we climb up to the plat form, usually our jurulatih will help us change d pulley and carabiner n make sure we all save in every platform, we actually juz do our part climb up and play
but this is not the case,
there's no instructor there to help u change pulley and carabiner, it's all ur show, no instructor at the one assure you that you are doing the right steps.. hahaha.. hell!

there are variety type of challenge, for me, balancing is quite ok, n other challenge is just normal, d only challenege for me is my physical ability. i can say, 3-4 hours in d jungle,most of ur energy consumed in your hand, not leg(this is not jungle trekking),n by tat time, u will dam love flying fox... hahaha... i have totally forgotten my height phobia, my concentration is only on my hand(because use alot hand energy).. n i was sooooo thirsty n hungry(our game start on 12 something till 4 something), i skip my lunch, wif only 2 slices of bread for my breakfast,by tat time, i actually dam hungry and thristy.. hahahaa... gosh..wonder how can i make it.. coz usually i will emo if i'm hunry.. hahaha..

during the game, there's aso a leng zai instructor who cant speak well chinese there.. hahaha.. he look so handsome n coool..he came in to save our group member because she quit in d middle of d game, she's too scare n tired edi.. tat time i thought i will end up like her, but when my brother around, i cannot let him laugh at me, so i push myself hard to finish all d challenge, n i dun1 to insult myself, i paid d money not to show how embarrassing am i, but to get the satisfaction n proud-ness. hahahah

it's really fun for me, lazy to describe much.. but i really happy to finish up the whole extreme challenge.. haha..n thanks god, there's no rain or too sunny.. weather was juz nice for us to play..


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