Sunday, November 29, 2009


went to watch this movie
while i'm watching at the cinema
somethings came to my mind
feeling myself has d same situation with bella
but, i'm not that lucky as her
because at the end, she still get back to edward

is true, sometimes i will b selfish like her
when he leave, you wish to stay alone
but to not look weird, i find friends
but i don't prefer a big group
1 or 2 is good enough for me
just like jacob and bella
poor jacob being rejected by bella
n pity bella for suffering the pain every night

there's alot of scene showing that bella and jacob almost kiss
or maybe showing that bella is caring for jacob
or something like bella going to accept jacob
but there's always something stop her to move forward (just my opinion)

story will always remain in a fairy tale
and the fact is always that cruel
the ending doesnt just happen the same for me
i will only stop in d middle of this story

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