Monday, March 8, 2010

Complicated Feeling

Recently easily get headache and always lack of sleep
Feel really very stress whenever back to hostel
Cant find any peaceful moment.
Even play FB make me feel guilty
Too many things bothering me, or I'm the one who cant manage all the things?

1)Mid Sem exam make me pressure. why? usually very relax, but this semester every subject is very difficult. Moreover, my coursemate all so hardworking, they give me really a lot pressure

2)I cant concentrate to study nor do homework/assignment. Because keep headache and the weather is hot. Moreover, keep thinking of holiday to go travel with my friend. I need MONEY $$$, it's gonna cost me alot to travel this time. I need work work work! Envy those kids born with a golden spoon in their mouth. They can study private uni, go play with friend without bothering MONEY problems.. Their life sure much less pressure

3)Can't sleep well everynight, weather is too hot now. Every night also sweat and I have to bath lots of time. Cant have enough time to sleep make my whole day tired and sleepy. Yet my mind still have to force myself study. STRESS!

4)Assignment and exam and presentation just never let me go. WTF! I'm tired la.. Give me a break! I'm suffocated now. I need go out to find OXYGEN!

5)I want to go holiday. I'm too excited with the coming trip. I have no mood to study and do homework. Everyday was floating around, and doing something which I have no idea what am I doing. God Know..

6)I still miss you. I'm tired missing you all the time. What's wrong with me? Why can't I just live in a happy life? Why I want to trap myself in a dark box?


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