Saturday, March 20, 2010

Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon

Today after morning class, then sis come n fetch me and go to try her gown(for her fren's wedding). after that, we went to MetroPlaza and bought my birthday gift.Thanks to my bro,sis and mum^^ happy and love u all!

when back home, is about evening edi, so decided to go putrajaya. ask all my friends, all busy for exam, so i decided to go my own. where are my family members? all have their own function lo

Drive very fast and reach there fast. park car then walk quite a distance to there. u sure think i'm insane coz i go alone. yeah.. who cares..
at first found the field with alot hot air balloons. but the authority put a fence and not letting the public go near the balloon. at tat position, just not that fun. so i walk around and then found a fence edi buka by public. then i faster curi curi go inside. haha.. d feeling is different when u get near. c d ang mo ppl burn d heat out n feel the temperature. :P

this is the position where i'm behind d fence. the center hot air balloon actually just 1 unit,,but wif alot balloon as decoration

if u can see clearly, d left side abit purple is star wars head
after i curi curi masuk, the view just so much different! keke..

alot alot alot alot ppl there! and alot alot alot DSLR there with the tripod! haha.. so wish i can get into their picture.. :P
the most special hot air balloon is the star wars head lo. other juz now with their picture
then we are being chased out coz we dun hav d pass. then i find another spot outside d fence. saw a Rela duty there. he seems boring, so i go and chat chat with him since both of us aso alone. haha.. then i ask him curi curi let me in to see clearly la.. i told him i'm alone ma, no ppl will notice de la.. then he agree lo.. XD
too many balloon~ cant squeeze all into my N73.. XD

then when almost d time, all balloon start fire up and follow d music tempo. very nice.

fireworks brings and end to this beautiful night. I MISS THE FIREWORKS! so colourful and many many pattern.. too bad my N73 cant capture any good things back.

this one is a tethered ballon. let public have a limit ride. RM10 per pax. the ticket sold very fast
test the fire.. he want to open his balloon beside this star wars head

fireworks very nice..but it's not that nice in here. >.<

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