Saturday, March 6, 2010

Post 90 - NINE movie

Never thought that I'll continue blogging till #90 post. hahaha...

yesterday watch a movie name NINE. that time i have no idea at all what's the movie all about,just simply wanna go to enjoy cinema(i love watch movie in cinema). So pick up this movie. Then only started understand what's the movie about.

Definitely wont regret for me to watch this movie. So artistic and sophiscated. Every dance and song are amazing.Costume is sexy but relevent! Maybe some people will think I just pretend to enjoy, but truely from the bottom of my heart, I LOVE THIS!

I love the way they speak. It's kinda weird, but I love to listen Britain english especially on their old time. The way they speak are classic and let me feel that they are so arrogant and supercilious. But I LOVE THIS!

I would never denied, Italian or French song usually will fill with more feeling in it. The way they sing is incomparable. Always touch my soul.

After watching this movie, I wish I can learn French or Italian language now. ^^


  1. just go learn when u want to. I'm learning french now and it is quite fun! Your history, your destiny. nice blog title! ^^

  2. haha.. thanks.. wow.. teach me french la.. keke.. when u come back, need to grab u out to teach me