Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coursemate Outing - Petaling Street

After recommended by klh about there's a dealer shop at petaling street, twins, me,wt,hy,hr,lh,and sy decided to go and have a look

We heard that somebody bought a dress for only rm20 there. And there's a plenty of cheap dress there.

so 8 of us take taxi there which cost us around rm2.50 per person(from um to petaling street). then we start hunting around there. hmm.. Actually i'm not gonna buy any dress coz last time b4 new year, i bought a lot dress with my sis at a boutique shop edi. so.. nah.. mayb just go petaling street jalan jalan and look around(as i really seldom hang out in this area).

Petaling street.. weeee~~~
weather is hot but luckily some of the shop are air conditioned and i'm not really sweat alot. Then suddenly recall back that i might need a boot for my coming trip.. hmm.. then start hunting for boot, but not much choice. I like the pair with violet colour and it's not consider a high type boot. after 30% discount, it's about rm56. quite cheap for a boot, but i still have not confidence to buy it, coz i get used to consult by my sister before buying things. Too bad just now she has meeting and i cant video call n ask her opinion. maybe next time will shop around and look for a better one.
The violet boot
twins bought a lot of stuff. one of them manage to get a dress and some clothes there. i just tried out two dresses. one is yan xian last time wore(but not fit me. sux) and another one which is the picture below. but it aso sux if i wear it like a dress, coz my thigh is toooooo big.. shame shame.. monkey shame your name.. booooooo.. i can still remember, when i wore it out let them comment.. they keep wah wah wah.. n it's like attract other ppl look at me.. gosh.. *blush blush* so pai seh la.. if i hav yx leg then good lo.. XD

upper part look ok, but down part.. uh uh uh!! there's a elephant leg there

so, at d end of the day, i didnt buy anything. window shopping harr... my back is so pain after walking for about 4hours there.. silly huh?

by the way, it's a nice outing.

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