Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunway Night

yesterday went to Sunway with my friend. Didnt know that Sunway look sooooo beautiful at night(cause most of the time i went there during day time). The CNY decoration still havent change. It's really beautiful and pretty in the entire area.Actually wanted to go there yum cha only, but before go back, want to go sunway jalan jalan(that time about 10pm).. so we reach the ice rink and saw some people having Ice Hockey competition.
Game just started

Have no idea what competition is this. though that time is already late, yet, there were some people stay back to watch the competition. From my view, I hardly can see who are there, but I'm pretty sure all is ang mo kia..Their skating skill really impressing. Suddenly make me feel like going down the ice rink and skate freely~~ weeee~~Their speed is fast as the ball being sweep real fast. when they chase d ball, they ski very fast, when the ball change direction, they can easily make a smooth turning back to continue chase the ball. Either they make a sudden stop(chan bing), or a smooth turning back.
cant see the ball.. they fighting for d ball wif the hockey stick

While I watch it, i feel so qi gek cause everything is so fast. Every time watch at TV, feeling nothing difference. But when you get to live, hahaha.. the feeling is different! And I can feel how dangerous is this game since all the player wearing alot big big clothes. ^^

Suddenly make me feel like want to take some course to learn ice skating :P

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