Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Content and Appreciate

Today I walk to dental face and the walk towards HEP alone. Throughout the whole journey, I was too bored to walk alone and started to think about my life.

First, I suddenly feel very content and appreciate my life. I have a great family, siblings, friends.. If I have problem, I could seek help from them.

I feel very satisfied for what I have own now as I'm wearing my A|X polo Tee, Levis jeans, Hp slipper, Nike bottle, UEM sponsored bag.. People would thought I'm wasting money for my luxury and start jealous or condemn behind me. At first, I'm quite sad about it, but time after time, I think I shouldn't give a damn on what they thought. I enjoy and happy with it is enough.

And this lead to my next thought. "We can't simply share our happiness". This is because you don't know your listeners will feel happy for you or jealous of you. That's why, we need to find right person to share our happiness. That's why I think I should stop sharing picture in my facebook and post some of my photo in my blog. I guess this will be reader/listener choice. If you are happy for me, off course I'm very happy too, but if the opposite, you can choose to not read it too.

Undeniable, I like to tell my friend what I have owned not because I want they feel jealous of me, but because I just too happy to express out my happiness and hoping they will happy for me too. And this make me forget to care about their feelings. So, I should have just keep all my happiness to share with certain friends and family who really happy for me, and off course people who still read my infamous blog.

I really appreciate for what I have own now and this really make me feel better and happier. Life should be simple and not that complicated.

Lastly, I hope I will always remember this feeling, because it would cheer up my whole day instead!



  1. HAHA..dat's y now ppl write blog! ahah..share to ppl who cares..HAHA..faster write about ur valentine day! i wanan keep myself update about u! :)

  2. I just get photo from him. Try my best to upload as fast as possible la.. kekeke..