Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Social Bangsar

Browse back my photos and found this. 
Very pai seh that time because I wore my "pyjamas" to yum cha at The Social located outside Bangsar Village II.
I remember that time Eric came and visit me while I "bok sat" for my assignments in PJ house. Then I ask him to let me drive his car because I'm tired stucking in the room. 

So, drive drive drive and reach Bangsar Village. Then decide go down to grab a drinks and snacks. So we randomly choose The Social.

Things at there quite expensive. Bangsar ma.. no choice..

Sandwich that we ordered cost RM20+

My juice and his drinks
Very beh tahan lo.. sandwich also cost rm20+.. But the taste really nice la..

I was so pai seh that time because of my cloths.. everyone wear so leng and i wear like that... pai seh dao.. lucky I saw a bald mat salleh guy wear a singlet only. But he wear singlet only also look much better than me.. ish ish...

Then back to UM da bao our UM famous KL gate burger for my housemate.

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