Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Valentine 2012

This year will be the second time for me to celebrate Valentine with Eric. I thought I have told him I don't want flower, bear n chocolate during valentine because I hate all of them. Yet, on that day when he fetch me from my house, he give me a bouquet of flower. My first thought " WHAT! Flower again! I thought I have make myself very clear that I dislike flower!"

Then he ask me stand beside his car, n then he gave me another two things. Mickey Mouse doll and a big Valentine card! I become contradict.. I do love Mickey Mouse alot, but I hate doll because I think they are troublesome as I dont know where to put them and I don't hug them to sleep. Most importantly, I hate to put doll on my bed because I need to tidy them everyday and they steal part of my bed. But really happy to receive this Mickey Mouse doll because most of the time, the Mickey Mouse shape always mishap and not origin. But this one looks perfect! It's a pirate version Mickey Mouse

Then we have our dinner at Yu Zu KLCC branch. We have this conversation before when talk about valentine dinner. Because Valentine is more western culture and usually people dine in in western restaurant. But I told him I hate western food and I would prefer to eat Chinese or Japanese cuisine during Valentine. I don't mind my dinner is dim sum. hehe..

8 Pieces of sushi which cost RM32

A set of Bento cost RM38
 We didnt order much. Just the above two sets + a soft shell crab handroll which cost RM10 or RM12. Can't remember. I love the sushi set because all of the is unique and delicious! Trust me, you wont be regret eating that sushi set.
For the Bento set, there's a bowl of soba mee and a bowl of rice. So, we share togather. The black tea pot contain a very tasty soup and I love the soup very much.

This meal cost around RM97++ and we are sooooo full! I think I only manage to eat 35% of them
Godiva Chocolate

After dinner, we gave me a new gift - a Mickey Mouse Polo T. My thought is, oh my.. how come the colour of the shirt is the same as the one I bought for him? Yea, coincidentally, the shirt I bought for him is same as the one he bought for me!!
Then we then head to Putrajaya. and then he gave me a new surprise again when we have arrived there. A set of Body Shop cream (I still dont know what cream are those) and GODIVA!!
Last year we have Baskin Robbin Ice Cream Cake to celebrate our 1st Valentine. This time he bought chocolate! And he know I only eat Godiva though I rarely eat them since it's very pricey! Well, most of my friends know I hate chocolate because they always make me sick after consume them. Beside I hate the sweetness of most chocolate. For Godiva, I usually eat their high percentage dark chocolate.

Four corner with different percentage of dark chocolate and the chocolate contain different things which I like it very much . Middle are only plain chocolate
 Even if this chocolate goes cheap, I don't think I will buy it much cause, personally, I really phobia of chocolate. hahaha..I never thought this box of chocolate cost RM100+ INSANE!

Then on the way back, we have some photo shooting in Putrajaya with the background of some kind Marathon event. Then we went back home

On the way back, I told him this flower is the most waste of money. Then he said, " Do you want to use it to exchange a new gift then?" I start feeling scare.. he prepare another gift?

And so.. I say yes... Then he grab something hiding behind the chair and poop!

My very first Ralph Lauren
YES! A Ralph Lauren Polo T!!! I almost faint that time. I was planning to buy one in USA in future and now he bought me this!!! OMG!!! Seriously, I have never enter Ralph Lauren shop in Malaysia before because this is totally out of my league and I wont buy it here either..

OMG.. Until now I still haven't wear it. Guess I'm just gonna frame it up! It's a Black Polo T with a sharp Purple big horse as the badge. Deep V polo T. I wonder in what event I will wear it out.. kekeke..

My Valentine Gift by Eric Sia

Last year, I have this "marathon gift" by him too.. and this year he gave me this marathon again. It's full of surprise and excitement. I really appreciate for what he has done to me especially he purposely took half day leave to do all this arrangement.

That's all for my Valentine 2012. Wish all of you have a happy moment with your beloved friends/partner/family.

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