Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My pre-X'mas Gift

On last year December, Eric took leave and we have a whole day pak tor time. I try to get the mood out pak tor because I was really stress out due to assignments, thesis and the "keep delaying" mid sem test,
That day we went to shopping, dinner and night he gave me this. iPad 2!!! 
I was stunt when I saw it. First he gave me a silver paper bag with a very heavy blue box in it. It's really heavy that I can't figure what is it in the box.
My pre-x'mas gift
 He told me that the ribbon is tie by himself. He went to ask the gift shop keeper and learn how to tie that.
Ta-da~ iPad 2 with cover and protection plan
 So, when I unbox it, the first appear is the iPad 2 skin. Then I remove it and saw this iPad 2 box!  He also bought the protection plan. Feel abit wasted to buy the protection plan. Because I can't jailbreak it since he bought the protection plan for rm249.

iPad 2 unboxing
He really made my day out of the stressful life. Awesome day for me!! ^^
He always told me want to wait for iPad 3 and I never expect he would bought this. SURPRISEEEE~

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