Friday, February 17, 2012

Lorong Seratus Tahun @ The Scott Garden, Old Klang Road

As for Valentine's eve, I wen to yum cha with my coursemate + housemate cause all of us are so bored and luckily Li Hong willing to fetch us go~ I have never been to The Scott Garden, but I do pass by that place during night time. And I remember this place has a lot yum cha or Pub there. So Google and direct them to go. Pretty near UM. 

When we arrive, it's hard to find a parking place. After few minutes haunting for parking space, we finally found one, but it was difficult to park in. But we manage to take some time to park in though we blocked out the road and lots of car are waiting us to park in. Hehe..

At The Scott Garden, I saw this Ah beng steamboat restaurant. Heard my friend said that this steamboat is opened by Ah beng. Saw the menu, Buffet dinner would be RM31++ for each adult. We didnt dine in here but just take a picture with ah beng poster

Ah beng poster. Personally I dont like him, so I post this! hehe

Then we saw a lot pub there. And finally we choose a more silent environment place to yum cha, which is Lorong Seratus Tahun. 百年路. This cafe is like normal cafe. Mainly on Penang cuisine. Price is normal.

I ordered a Penang Fried Kuey Teow Mee because I was a little hungry that time. Besides, I also ordered a warm water because my cough still not recovered yet. So they gave me a warm water with a slice of lime. Some restaurant did this for free of charge but this Lorong Seratus Tahun charged me for RM1. Sometimes really don't understand why they charge so expensive for a drinking water only. Stingy boss! Nando is worst! They dont offer a cup of warm water, instead they ask you to buy their bottle of drinking water. duh..

Captured by some worker. I think this is the best shot
 After that, we have some photo shooting around the place and then went to second round because they all are hungry too. So, Li Hong fetch us to eat Nasi Lemak at Maplet. This nasi lemak is famous because it's cheap n big quantity. RM2 only!
Photo shooting around the area.

My thesis partner miss Lai

Maplet Nasi Lemak. 
The Scott Garden

I think I will come to this place again. I like this place! 

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  1. wow~~ RM2 nasi lemak is so cheap le~~ you should take a photo of the RM2 nasi lemak to let us, ur reader to see~~